PAYCE: Transforming collaboration with healthcare professionals

PAYCE simplifies and speeds up contracting and payment with healthcare professionals

PAYCE is a purpose built contracting and payment tool that offers an unrivalled experience for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs). PAYCE is comprised of:

  • An intuitive web-based platform for company representatives to issue service contracts and track the status of payments for their events at any time
  • An HCP portal: The single place where healthcare professionals manage their events across different companies, sign contracts and submit expenses on the go
  • A specialist outsourced payment solution, releasing your finance teams from the complexities and distractions of HCP payments

How does PAYCE enable your teams to be more effective?

Sales and marketing teams

PAYCE is a highly intuitive and controlled system that meets industry compliance standards and requires little, if any training. We guide meeting organisers through the necessary steps of setting up their events to issuing electronic contracts for healthcare professionals within a matter of minutes. PAYCE removes perceived bureaucracy and the need to train in complex processes. Refocusing your sales teams on execution, whilst generating significant time savings vs. typical industry practices.

Finance teams

Our SOX compliant outsourced payment model releases your finance teams from labour intensive manual processes, data entry and management of master data that is associated with healthcare professional payments. Integration with our payment model is effortless and allows for simple and quick processing of payments without distraction for your finance teams.

Compliance teams

We focus on capturing accurate data at the source, making the healthcare professional central to the solution and building a controlled and intuitive experience which pushes compliance to the user. PAYCE captures transfers of value in a controlled way enabling us to simply produce any of the various disclosure reporting formats required by different industry bodies at the click of a button.

How does it work?

Send an electronic contract

Outsource the payment process to PAYCE

Quickly create an event and simply add service providers

HCPs submit their expenses via mobile phones

Extract formatted data for simple disclosure reporting

  • Quickly create an event and simply add service providers

  • Send an electronic contract

  • HCPs submit their expenses via mobile phones

  • Outsource the payment process to PAYCE

  • Extract formatted data for simple disclosure reporting

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Whether you’re interested in learning more about PAYCE, or you’re after an easy and informative summary that you can share with colleagues - our brochure highlights all the features and benefits you can enjoy with PAYCE.

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